ALGOSONIX REALSONIX Hear for Real Audio Metaverse

A game changer in spatial audio, ALGOSONIX’s pioneering technology brings you a new revolutionary sound : REALSONIX™
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Ultra‑realistic spatial audio.

ALGOSONIX’s pioneering technology brings you a new revolutionary sound. REALSONIX™ recreates your favorite listening environments while delivering a vivid, crystal‑clear audio experience. We accurately reproduce how humans perceive sound.

Universal by design.

REALSONIX™ can be integrated on all your devices. Enjoy spatial audio through speakers or headphones.

Compatible with any audio files, even in mono ! We deliver the most realistic experience, in real‑time with low latency even at low bitrates.

Simplifying technology, Upgrading quality.

In order to deliver the most realistic sound, REALSONIX™ uses leading frequency‑domain and time‑domain correction algorithm and enhances the audio for your headphones to sound neutral and transparent.

  • Without REALSONIX™
    Without MiHiFi écouteurs
    With MiHiFi écouteurs
Your headphones have never sounded better
A game changer in spatial audio, ALGOSONIX’s pioneering technology brings you a new revolutionary sound : REALSONIX™


Flexible, Easy‑to‑integrate.

  • Headphones and hearables

    Headphones & hearables

    • Unique frequency‑domain and time‑domain correction algorithm
    • Low latency rendering
    • Bluetooth compatible
  • Speakers and soundbars

    Speakers & soundbars

    • Immersive audio on any speaker
    • Improved room acoustics
  • Smartphones


    • Real‑time REALSONIX™ audio recording and playback
    • Signal‑adaptive upmixing
    • Studio virtualization
  • Streaming


    • Even at low bitrates REALSONIX™ delivers ultra‑immersive and realistic sound
    • Amazing interactivity with the audio environment
  • Virtual and augmented reality

    Audio Metaverse VR & AR

    • HRTF and reflections management
    • Ultra‑realistic real‑time rendering
  • Video conferencing

    Video conferencing

    • The sound is clearer, natural and easier for the listener to understand
    • Participants feel more present and engaged
    • Reduces ear‑fatigue
  • Your product

    Your product

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Who we are

Based in Paris, France, ALGOSONIX is an immersive audio software company.

ALGOSONIX’s technology is a 100% software solution. It enables sound field‑shaping in any direction, at any depth and doesn’t require specially recorded tracks.

We strive to be as close as possible to reality while pushing the boundaries of spatial audio. With over two decades of experience, we’re thrilled to share our technology with you.

What professionals say about it

  • REALSONIX™ brings alive the onscreen story as never before possible.

    Pierre V.
    CEO Delair Studios Los Angeles, USA
  • The sound is open and natural and really makes you feel like you’re in the best studio.

    Bruno R.
    Producer, Recording & Mixing engineer Paris, France
  • The level of accurate detail and nuance I can hear with REALSONIX™ is astonishing.

    Peter S.
    Phd in Sound Arts Queen’s University, Belfast, UK